What is Butcher Block

Butcher block is made from multiple pieces of joined hardwoods like maple, walnut and cherry to name a few. Our tops are made with full-length pieces, in any wood species, and can be custom made into just about any size and shape to fit your design needs. We take great pride in our product and guarantee it forever against workmanship defects.

End Grain Butcher Block

This style is the traditional old school method you would find in butcher shops. It is constructed by orienting the boards end up and gluing them together. This style, with a mineral oil treatment, allows for heavy cutting and utility use. The standard for this style top is 3" thick, but can be customized anywhere from 2" to 6" thick

Edge Grain Butcher Block

This is standard butcher block and a more economical way to have a cutting surface. The wood is oriented in full length strips 1" - 1 3/4" wide, edge up, leaving a more straight grain. This style allows for a cutting and utilitarian use. Edge grain tops come standard at 1 1/2" thick but are available from 1 1/4" to 6" thick.

Wide Plank Wood Countertop

This method is the best way to show the beautiful grain of any wood. Our wide plank top will have random width, full length pieces, with board widths ranging from 4"-12". Although the standard thickness is 1.5", our plank tops are available in any thickness from 1 1/4" to 2 1/2" thick. Live edge  is also available with our wide plank tops, and is a beautiful addition to a island or table top.