Edge Detail

Here at Alexander Butcher Block we know that the small details can make the design. So we have a number of standard and custom edge details to choose from. Our most popular of the standard edge is the 3/16 Pencil edge, which is a classic round over edge. Our premier edge is the "Alexander" which comes in 4 verities of detail dependent upon the tops thickness.

Ogee Edge

Alexander 1.5

Alexander 2.0

Table Edge

Other common edge details are the Square Edge, Eased Edge, 1/4 Round Over, and Bull Nose. If there is an edge detail you don't see, ask us and we will certainly talk about other custom edge details.  

Our Finishes


This is our most popular finish and it takes acrylic polyurethane coatings to a new level. It looks as great as an open pore finish, making it ideal for enhancing the natural beauty of whatever species wood. Acrilico comes standard on all of our wide plank tops, but is also available on our edge grain tops as well. It is food safe, waterproof and provides superior surface and stain resistance, with a satin sheen.


This is traditional known as the best treatment for wood cutting surfaces. Our edge & end grain tops come standard with a healthy coat of food grade mineral oil. We then treat the cutting surface with Howard Butcher Block Conditioner, which is a blend of food grade mineral oil, beeswax, and carnauba wax, which conditions and helps to maintain the wood top.

Wood Species 

At Alexander Butcher Block we offer a verity of wood spices to chose from from. Some of the most common are hard maple, cherry, or walnut. While these are the most common, we can get any domestic or exotic hardwood species like, ash, sapele, red or white oak, jatoba and tiger maple to name a few. Visit us at our showroom to see the wide array of samples and edges we offer.

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