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Wide Plank

This method is the best way to show the beautiful grain of any wood. Our wide plank tops will have random width, full length pieces, with board widths ranging from 3"-8" with a standard thickness of 1.5".  Additional thicknesses from 3/4” up to a solid 4” available on certain wood species. 

End Grain

This style is the traditional old school method you would find in butcher shops for heavy cutting and utility use, with a mineral oil treatment. It is constructed by orienting the boards end up and gluing them together. This style allows knives to stay sharper longer, by separating the wood fibers instead of cutting through them. The standard for this style top is 3" thick, additional thicknesses available from 2” to 6”.

Edge Grain

This is standard butcher block style. The wood is oriented in full length strips 1" to 1 3/4" wide, edge up, leaving a more straight grain. This style is ideal for cutting and chopping. Edge grain tops come standard at 1 1/2" thick, but are available from 1 1/4" to 8” thick.

Live Edge

Live edge tops are taken from either a single slab, leaving the debarked natural edge. We can also book-match two slabs from the same tree to give a mirrored image in the grain pattern for extra large tops. This style always comes finished with our Timberglass Wood Finish.


Epoxy Resin

This is a relatively new style top, but will make a bold statement in your kitchen as an island, your dining room, home office or conference room. The resin “river table” is created with urban salvaged or storm damaged slabs that are either locally sourced or procured from a wide range of mills across the country. These tops are constructed by taking a live edge slab, cutting it in half and turning the live edge inside and pouring resin down the center, creating what looks like a river running through the table. This style always comes finished with our Timberglass Wood Finish.

Wood Grain Background [Converted]-01.png
Pencil Edge
Classic Edge
Roman Ogee Edge

The Pencil Edge profile is our most popular edge and features a slightly rounded edge, and they are the best option if you have kids in the house. It is a very contemporary design, and is comfortable to work on due to its softer design.

The Classic Edge is an elegant edge profile. It is popular for both Traditional and Transitional style kitchens and baths and visually reduces the thickness of the counter surface.

The Roman Ogee Edge features an S shape and is often used on traditional and formal style tables. The ogee edge is rich with character and offers a more intricate design that creates a layered look.

Experience Our Experience

Alexander 1.5 Edge
Eased Edge
Artboard 1.png

The Alexander 1.5 Edge is a custom propietary edge detail only available at Alexander Butcher Block. 

The Eased Edge is the most traditional look for your countertop or table. It is slightly beveled at the top and is used in contemporary kitchen and bathroom designs. It is called “eased” because the corners are still crisp but not sharp.

The Waterfall Edge is a modern feature that captures everyones attention, with its crisp edge and seamless wood grain alignment. It is perfect for an island or end panel that is highly visible and extends all the way to the floor.


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