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TimberGlass™ Wood Finish is our proprietary finish that is not available anywhere else but through Alexander Butcher Block.

TimberGlass™ was specifically designed to be 100% waterproof, crystal clear, low build, bleach resistant, chemical resistant, super scratch resistant and extremely durable. TimberGlass™ Wood Finish is perfect for those wet areas around sinks, bars, vanity tops, kitchens, bathrooms and tabletops. Water from splashing or sweating glasses, bottles or cans will not leave rings or create a “haze” like all other finishes do.

While TimberGlass™ is a specialty coating, it also includes our procedures and processes which combined together gives you a limited lifetime warranty. TimberGlass™ Wood Finish does not need to be polished, or re-applied. In fact, it is a totally maintenance free product. To clean any surfaces protected by TimberGlass™, simply wipe down with a wet paper towel or dish soap, that’s it!

Experience High Quality Craftsmanship

Not only do our customers receive heirloom quality woodwork, but also the highly desirable TimberGlass™ Wood Finish with a limited lifetime warranty.

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We offer a limited lifetime warranty on most of our products (edge and end grain tops are covered for 1 year).
Warranty includes manufacturing defects such as, glue joint failure or finish failure.
This does not include scratches, gouges, damage or normal wear due to a lack of care and maintenance. 

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