Alexander Butcher Block is an upstate NY manufacturer of hardwood butcher block counter tops, wide plank counter tops and bar tops. Our tops are made with full-length pieces in any wood species, and just about any size and shape. We offer a traditional oil & wax  treatment along with our TIMBERGLASS wood finish that is extremely durable and totally waterproof.


TIMBERGLASS is our proprietary finish that is not available anywhere else but through Alexander Butcher Block and the Blackfly Mountain Woodworks Series. TIMBERGLASS Finish was specifically designed to be 100% waterproof, crystal clear, low build, bleach resistant, chemical resistant, super scratch resistant and extremely durable. TIMBERGLASS Finish is perfect for those wet areas around sinks, bars, vanity tops, kitchens, bathrooms and tabletops. Water from splashing or sweating glasses, bottles or cans will not leave rings or create a “haze” like all other finishes do. While TIMBERGLASS is a specialty coating, it also includes our procedures and processes which combined together gives you a limited lifetime warranty. TIMBERGLASS Finish does not need to be polished or re-applied. In fact, it is a totally maintenance free product. To clean any surfaces protected by TIMBERGLASS, simply wipe down with a wet paper towel or dish soap, that’s it!


With a priority in customer satisfaction, Alexander Butcher Block offers an exceptional product that you won’t find in mass-produced cabinet shops, or big-box retailers. We take great pride in the quality of our craftsmanship and it shows in our work.

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Luxury Series Countertop

Our luxury series countertop is a fully custom wide plank countertop option. This series countertop has custom length and width, fully customizable edge detail, mitered corners, sink & appliance cutouts, and full service template, delivery, and install. These wide plank hardwood countertops com standard with our highly durable, waterproof, maintenance free, acrylic finish. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Butcher Block Series Countertop

Our Butcher Block series countertop is a fully custom edge grain or end grain countertop option. This series countertop also offers custom length and width, fully customizable edge detail, mitered corners, sink & appliance cutouts, and full service template, delivery, and install. Our Butcher Block Series countertop comes with a mineral oil / wax treatment or is finished in Osmo Top Oil. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty

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Standard Series Countertop

The standard series countertop is made with random width planks from 3” - 6”, comes with resin filled imperfections and is finished with Rubio Monocoat. Standard straight run sizes are 25 ½” or 38” depth, with custom lengths up to 132”. Edges are finished with a 3/16 round over. Customer is responsible for providing detailed measurements, and picking up countertop when finished. Standard Series comes with a 30 day warranty. Available options - Edge grain construction,  sink / appliance cutout, stain/color options for Rubio Monocoat finish & delivery (delivery cost dependent on distant from shop)


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